sonya thomas

An eating contest competitor, Sonya Thomas, who calls herself as 'Black Widow' has gulped down almost 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes and break the national championship record in the US. In just 12 minutes, Sonya Thomas beat America's . Game Day in Buffalo Wing Festival is the first time Sonya Thomas finished before Chestnut Joey the ball of the contest to eat the meat in the Tropicana in.. Sonya Thomas, who is also famous as Black Widow, gobbled up 180 chicken wings in just 12 minutes' time. Thomas defeated Joey Chestnut and others at the competition of eating chicken wings at the National Buffalo Wing Festival.. Joey Chestnut at the ninth annual National Buffalo Wing Festival. Joey Chestnut by a dozen wings on Sunday. Here was a tiny woman who kept beating all these..

All the tabloids have been reporting about Sonya Thomas, but we know something they don't-- Latest Sonya Thomas-related news . Sonya Thomas - want to know more? Read more here, watch videos and images.. Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas (born Lee Sun-kyung (이선경) in 1967) is a top-ranked Korean.
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